CryoTouch Series

The IS4 CryoTouch series has been designed as a set of touch screen panels for a variety of applications within the cryogenics industry. Each panel has been designed as an affordable solution which goes above and beyond its intended purpose, providing security, customisation, operational logging, external alerts and the ability to be supported remotely.

CryoPurge Systems

CryoPurge is an adaptable, user-friendly touch screen control panel that provides continuous monitoring and automatic control for an on-site cryogenic pipeline. It has the additional benefits of being able to operate as a pressure fill system, have additional decant/pressure fill points and function as a complete static fill station control system.

All versions of the CryoPurge system have the following features:

• Complete Pipeline Monitoring

• Purge/Fill Scheduling

• Role-based User Access Control

• Full System Logging

• System Alert Emails

• System Status Halo (Changes colour based on status)

• Fan/BMS Output Control

• Monitoring of a Bulk Tank (Level/Pressure) Capability


In its simplest form CryoPurge has been designed to vent warm gas from a cryogenic pipeline. Upon request either automatically or manually via digital input and/or analogue sensors the system will vent warm gas from the pipeline via an external exhaust until liquid nitrogen is detected in the line, at which point the cold line will then feed liquid nitrogen to the designated location, in the majority of cases cryogenic storage freezers.

CryoPurge Pro

CryoPurge Pro has been designed as a complete automated control panel for the ISIS fill system, which is a system developed by Thames Cryogenics in response to a growing need to move away from the hazardous manual handling of large pressurised cylinders of liquid nitrogen. The CryoPurge Pro will monitor levels and pressure of the connected ISIS and automatically fill to this from an attached bulk tank.

CryoPurge PF

The CryoPurge PF has been designed to control Thames Cryogenics dewar filling stations for filling individual or multiple dewars. These filling stations remove the need for an operator to watch over them. The system will automatically fill dewars until full and then stop. In combination with Thames Cryogenics SIVL and vent pipework systems, they can be installed inside buildings where liquid is required.

Complete Bio-suite

CryoVision has been designed to log and store data from a variety of Bio-storage controllers and sensors. Alongside general logging it is important to be notified when a device is in an alarm state which is why the system manages this autonomously in the form of external emails, text alerts, push notifications and on-screen/Halo visual indications.

A full history of each connected device will be stored on the panel which can be accessed via the panel itself, emailed from the panel (CSV) or accessed via the CryoVision website/ CryoVision Mobile Application (with Internet access).


CryoVision is an adaptable, user-friendly touch screen logging and alert system that provides continuous logging for bio-storage devices, temperature monitoring and other 3rd party contacts.

• Complete Biostorage Logging

• Role-based User Access Control

• Compatible with most Bio-storage controllers

• System and Device Alert Emails

• System Status Halo (Changes colour based on status)

• Remote data access via our CryoVision website / mobile application.

• Online/Local Data backups for peace of mind


SafePurge has been designed as a safety system which can close a cryogenic pipeline via the closure of the exhaust vent, this will prevent liquid from moving through the system and rendering it safe. The system will continuously monitor external sensors that have been calibrated to individual set-points, if at any time one of these sensors surpass the set-point the system will latch closed and will require manual interventions to confirm the system is safe.

A single SafePurge system can monitor the following:

2 Liquid Level Sensors – Set-point configured to trigger when in LN2

2 Temperature Sensors – Set-point configured to below a target temperature.

2 Pressure Sensors – Set-point configured to either high/low pressure or a combination of both.

CryoTouch O2

CryoTouch O2 has been designed as a touch screen interface for the TOC series gas detection equipment installed by IS4. The CryoTouch O2 will display the gas sensor reading, relay alerts and operate as a remote interface as well as provide the full functionality of our CryoTouch series.

The system will also operate as an interface to the CryoVision panel allowing for logging of the O2 data.

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