Gas Detection Systems


The TOC-635 system controller uses the latest Sentinel+ TM digitally addressable technology. Specifically designed for gas detection systems Sentinel+ TM combines fast reliable response, data security and easy to use error proof features for the system you need.


Gas Sensors



Tocsin 750 series addressable safe area gas detectors are next generation technology in gas safety. Utilising our ground breaking Sentinel+ TM communication, all detectors are connected on a single 2-Core cable for both power and communication. The system ensures safety without compromise at reduced cost. Detector nodes have their own 1/0 capability provide distributed control and data just where needed. Our 750 safe area gas detectors have sensor options for over 400 gases and vapours, making it the most versatile sensor on the market.


TOC-750X Series gas detectors based on JB3-903 Series product are both ATEX and IECEx approved for use in potentially flammable atmospheres. TOC-750X uses Sentinel+ TM addressable technology, specifically designed for gas detection, fast, secure digital communication. TOC-750X has sensor options using MK3 or 102 series detectors for over 300 gases. Gas types include toxics, flammables, VOC's and oxygen monitoring.


Status Indicators


TOC-750 Status Indicator

TOC 750 Series Room Status Indicators, included as part of a gas detection system are used to provide clear room entry status. Up to 8 detector readings can be sequentially displayed. On alarm the display changes from Green to Red with clear written indication "Gas Alarm". An audible alarm is also generated. Fault indications are displayed as Amber with "System Fault" displayed. In addition a relay is provided and multifunctionn ports. These can be configured as SSR outputs to control for example additional audible visual devices. Alternatively they can be configured as 4-20mA or digital inputs to interface other devices onto the system. For example break glass units, temperature, pressure or humidity probes and similar.

Beacon Sounder

The sound from the beeper are amplified with a specially developed horn. The sound pressure level is rated at 107 dB at a one meter distance. Seriously loud, and more than enough to ensure that no alarm goes unnoticed. With different tones to choose from, including rapidly changing frequencies, there’s always an alarm that gets everyone’s attention.

The Beacon Sounder has 38 ultra-bright RGB LEDs for coloured lighting. They are so bright that they are even clearly visible in sunlight. With programmable light patterns, you can match it to your procedures. Green is very suitable for a one-glance All-OK mode, for example.

It has a wide voltage range, so it can accept signals from almost any signal-producing apparatus. This makes it one of the most flexible alarming devices on the market, enabling you to standardize a versatile, cost-effective tool.

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